Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bargain False Nails... My Primark Find

Hello there!

To ease myself into this I have a false nail/ nail glue review.
I wear false nails on occassions where I don't have time for nail art or if I simply find that something a little bit different.
So here they are.. Ooh La La false nails from Primark Beauty

These little beauties cost £1.00 and comes with 24 nails of varying sizes and nail glue. I love the tips on this particular style, especially the little stripes of neon and sparkles to allow you to dip your toe into the bright fashion colours of the summer in a very gentle way.
I find these nails to be the perfect sizes for my nails without any trimming or filing and even up close these nails look great.
I've had these on for 4 days already and I'm still loving them.

The only negative about the product in my opinion is the nail glue. Its ok but if you do anything more than read magazines and watch tv I'd recommend investing in a more effective nail glue that will allow you to do what you want without any fear of losing a nail (which drives me crazy!!) and will last for many sets of nails.
My current fav is definately Brush On Nail Glue from Elegant Touch (you can find this here for £3.10) which dries in about ten seconds and is by far the best glue I have found yet..

I love these nails as a quick fix on bad nail days and would recommend them to everyone as they are simple to use and so very very pretty. They come in other styles including basic french manicure, metallic leopard print, polka dot and union jacks (think olympics and team GB whilst wearing) and for a pound I'm chuffed to bits.
I hope you've enjoyed this. I've got loads lined up to come in the very near future and it's not just nails(!!)

Sarah x.x.x

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