Monday, 9 July 2012

Mini jewellery haul: Sale bargains

Hello there!!

I have a confession. I love to shop. Not really a suprise I know but just thought I should warn you that there is likely to be the odd shopping post every now and then! Also I hope you don't mind me using the word haul. I know some people don't like it but I do :)
So I went into town for some essentials and walked straight into the land of the sales. Everywhere I looked there were bargains to be had and really had to stop myself buying more. The pennies have to last until payday after all. This post is about the jewellery I bought that day.
L-R: Primark, Accessorize and New Look

So first up are the earrings. I went to Primark and got these cute little drop earrings in the shape of glasses. The frames are leopard print and have a diamante on the edge. I like to wear this kind of earrings with a simple outfit like vest top and jeans to add a little twist. These were £2.00 full price.
I then nipped into Accessorize and got this 3pk of heart studs in white, baby pink and mint. You can't go wrong with studs in my opinion. I like to wear these for work as I am not allowed to wear dangly earrings. These were reduced to £2.00
In New Look I went a little accessories nuts but managed to control myself with earrings. I got these enamel feather drop earrings. I picked these up as I didn't like the actual feather earrings (they get damaged too easily) and thought this was a fab alternative. The 'strands' of the feathers are different pastel shades with a black stone at the bottom.I also liked these as they are light weight and that makes them kinder to earlobes :)  They were reduced from £3.99 to £1.00! Safe to say I'm chuffed with this saving.
Now for necklaces...
ReBorn in New Look
I found this egyptian face necklace in New Look and had to have it. I've been looking for a nice snake chain necklace for ages and this was perfect. It was reduced from £6.50 to £1.60 and you just can;t go wrong at that price can you?

ReBorn in New Look

Next up is the adorable little fairy on a long chain necklace. I actually bought this for my younger sister and I know she is going to love the detail on this including the diamantes on the wings and skirt. It kinda looks like Tinkerbell from the Disney movies so all the Peter Pan songs get stuck in my head whilst looking at this but its worth it ( and who doesn't love a bit of Disney every now and then?) This cutie was reduced from £5.00 to an amazing £1,25. How could I resist?

New Look

The last thing I picked up from the jewellery section in New Look was this indian elephant long chain necklace. My eye was drawn to the intricate pattern on the body and enamel mat on its back. The chain isn't as long as the one on the pharoh head or fairy necklace but I prefer it for this style as the chain is actually attatched to both ends of the elephant rather than hanging from a central hook which allows it to sit much better. This bad boy was £2.00 in the sales.
Opia at Primark

I'm drawing to the end of this haul but I still have 2 more necklaces to show you. The one pictured above is from Primark's accessories range Opia and was interesting as it has a rope chain rather than metal that gives a little twist to this nautical lovely. Its a gorgeous shade of blue with gold detailing both on the chain and anchor. I bought this to go with an electric blue maxi skirt I've recently purchased from New Look. I saws this and knew it had to be mine. Whats even better is that it was reduced from £4.00 to £2.00. YAY!

River Island

Last but definately not least is this cracker from River Island. I think this may be my favourite purchase of the day. Its a tarnished silver robot with movable arms, legs and head. It has a pastel pink heart and is just adorable (think Wall-E... I know I know I'm Disney obsessed today) Its got a nice long chain and again would be fab for accessorising a simple vest top and jeans outfit. He was reduced from £8.00 to £3.00 and when I saw him I picked him up and went straight to the till without finishing looking around the shop. It must be love <3

So that is it for this post. Sorry it dragged on a bit but I was super excited to share my sale finds with you.
Hurrah for lots of fabby bargains!

Sarah x.x.x


Skincare Review: No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser

Hello there

Today I've got No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser from Boots to review for you today.

It's only been in the past 18 months that I've really started to worry about skincare more than taking my make up off at night and I must say I didn't know how much better my skin could be by looking after it more!
I recently picked the No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser after reading so much about this type of cleanser (particularly Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish) to see if this style of cleansing suited me and I have to say its a joy to use.

The box describes this product as a way of "Enjoy the luxury of a spa facial in your own home." and it'a true your skin feel very pampered by the time you've used this product. You apply the cream to dry skin (one pump is usually fine but if you wear a lot of make up you may want to use two pumps) and rub it into your skin in upwards circular motions so that your not dragging your skin down. The cleanser is designed for all skin types and I was worried it might be too heavy for my normal/oily  skin type but it wasn't heavy or oily in the slightest

You then rinse the muslin cloth that is provided under comfotably hot water, squeeze out the excess and lay the cloth across your face. To be honest the first time I did this it felt strange but now I find it very relaxing. The idea of this part is to open your pores.

You then use the cloth to buff off the cleanser in circular motions and pat your skin dry. The cloth is nice and gentle and  the process leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft and squeeky clean.

If there is a negative to be found with this product its with there only being one muslin cloth. I would have prefered two so that you could rotate them.
You get a 200ml bottle of cleanser (which looked MASSIVE compared to the other products on the counter) and one decent sized muslin cloth for £9.95 in Boots but I got mine cheaper than that as I had a '£5 off No7 voucher' after one of my many spending sessions in Boots. They run these vouchers a lot throughout the year and you get one everytime you spend £5 or more instore. I'm not sure if they are available at the moment but keep an eye out as they always turn up at somepoint.
I'm sure this bottle is going to last me ages as you only need a little bit to cleanse your whole face and I think I was buy this again when the time comes especially if I had another voucher. It was great addidtion to my skincare routine. I still want to try Liz Earle but this will sooth my cleanser lust until I can get my hands on it.

Sarah x.x.x


Sarah x.x.x

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bargain False Nails... My Primark Find

Hello there!

To ease myself into this I have a false nail/ nail glue review.
I wear false nails on occassions where I don't have time for nail art or if I simply find that something a little bit different.
So here they are.. Ooh La La false nails from Primark Beauty

These little beauties cost £1.00 and comes with 24 nails of varying sizes and nail glue. I love the tips on this particular style, especially the little stripes of neon and sparkles to allow you to dip your toe into the bright fashion colours of the summer in a very gentle way.
I find these nails to be the perfect sizes for my nails without any trimming or filing and even up close these nails look great.
I've had these on for 4 days already and I'm still loving them.

The only negative about the product in my opinion is the nail glue. Its ok but if you do anything more than read magazines and watch tv I'd recommend investing in a more effective nail glue that will allow you to do what you want without any fear of losing a nail (which drives me crazy!!) and will last for many sets of nails.
My current fav is definately Brush On Nail Glue from Elegant Touch (you can find this here for £3.10) which dries in about ten seconds and is by far the best glue I have found yet..

I love these nails as a quick fix on bad nail days and would recommend them to everyone as they are simple to use and so very very pretty. They come in other styles including basic french manicure, metallic leopard print, polka dot and union jacks (think olympics and team GB whilst wearing) and for a pound I'm chuffed to bits.
I hope you've enjoyed this. I've got loads lined up to come in the very near future and it's not just nails(!!)

Sarah x.x.x

Lets start again...

Hello there

I decided to start  a blog in 2011 and about 4/5 weeks later my laptop decided to stop working. Fantastic. So I finally have a replacement laptop and a new energy for starting a blog so here goes nothing.
If you haven't seen previous posts then let me introduce myself. I'm Sarah, 21 and from Scotland. I love nail polish, beauty products and high street/department store shopping. I work in retail so this blog is personal rather than professional and is to share the products and items I love from all aspects of the retail world.
I shall always give my honest opinion and unless otherwise stated I have purchesed the products myself to try (and hopefully enjoy)

So again sorry for the bumpy start to this blog. Hopefully it'll run fairly smoothly from here

Sarah x.x.x