Monday, 17 October 2011

China Glaze and photo problems

Sorry I haven't really started yet. Got distracted with homelife and I'm dying to do my first NOTD but I'm lacking my camera as it's broken at the moment so you'll have to hold on just a couple more days.

So for the past couple of days I've been falling in love again and again with China Glaze's Haunting Halloween 2011 collection and trying to resist running out and buying them all but since my birthday is coming up next week I'm trying to be resonable.

I decided that I couldn't just ignore the collection and after seeing a beautiful swatch by Nails and Noms which you can click to see, decided that I MUST have 'It's Alive' so it's been ordered and it is on its way right now and I shall swatch as soon as it arrives!! Can't guarentee that I won't give in to Ghoulish Glow in the near future as I've always wanted a proper glow in the dark polish for some night time nail fun!!
Also from China Glaze is their up and coming Christmas Collection  'Let It Snow' which I think would be perfect considering the British weather last year I especially love 'Baby It's Cold Outside' which includes fingerless gloves for flashing your gorgeous nails and 3 polishes

Makes me excited for winter and the gloves look so cozy I almost want it to snow.
Also I have some exciting news to tell next time!!
X  X  X

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